Rebecca Shumway ©2017

You found me.

I'm an emerging hybrid creative with diverse education and experience, ranging from strategy to creative execution. The bulk of my experience lies in design, although I am seeking opportunities to "go wide" into a strategic role.

What makes me stand out in a sea of young creatives? 

I'm an interdisciplinary thinker. With time and opportunity, I believe my ability to think—from macro to micro, from concept to execution, and across disciplines—will only grow.

I'm a positive change agent. I improve existing processes, relieve pain points, tackle complex problems, and leave my workplace a better environment. I believe progress needs champions—people who are dedicated to moving the needle while improving our bottom line. 

Mostly, I'm a budding futurist. I enjoy using (both visual and non-visual) creative lateral thinking to make the world an *even* better place. I enjoy working for conscious companies dwelling at the intersection of the future and reality.