Rebecca Shumway ©2020

Portrait Session with Kid Berg

"Train Song"

Portrait session at Gold Coast Railroad Museum in Miami, FL.

Rebecca Shumway

When aspiring Miami rapper Kid Berg sat down with me to discuss a portrait session, we agreed portrait photography should be more than mere headshots—it should evoke a story. There should be mystery and intrigue. And, in this case, a throwback to an earlier era.

We decided to shoot at Gold Coast Railroad Museum, a local place replete with vintage trains in varying states of repair. Berg wore classic clothing with a vintage twist, perfect for the context. To set ambiance, Berg shuffled through various songs, from jazz, classic rock to soul.

In the end, Berg ended up selected several photographs. It was a great adventure, and all the more fun with an expressive subject. If you are curious about his music, check him out on YouTube and SoundCloud.