Rebecca Shumway ©2020

"Lights, Camera, Rock"

The Recovering Rock Photographer Series

A compilation of rock photographs from the underground Miami music scene.

Rebecca Shumway

Little known fact: I am a recovering rock photographer.

It started in the midst of the recession. College was not an option: Scholarships were slashed. My day job was tedious, and I needed an outlet.

It started in dank hole-in-the-wall venues, the kind that spring up and close down just as quickly. 

Except Churchill's. Not sure how the iconic venue has weathered decades of cultural tectonic shifts.

It started in chasing "the moment." Dark, sweaty, packed venues are the ultimate challenge for any photographer. Anticipating the moment and snagging it perfectly? The ultimate photographer's high.

Late nights. Loud music. Houses far out in the Redlands countryside.

Years later, I have found my calling as a designer. The intersection of art and commerce intoxicates me. Still, underneath corporate and academic polish, there remains a young girl finding her way by losing herself in the music.