Rebecca Shumway ©2020

“It Starts with LEGO”

LEGO Concept

Write headline and tagline.

Create a sample advertisement.

Copywriting, Art Direction + Design
Rebecca Shumway

Strategy Debrief

LEGO is the quintessential childhood toy. Engineers and architects often cite the intoxicating feeling of making things. Many insist this instinct began germinating in childhood while building with LEGO.

LEGO campaigns emphasize creativity, thinking differently, and analog fun. None have capitalized on the insight of early LEGO play on future careers. Thus, "It Starts with LEGO."

Concept + Execution

This ad concept features GIFs and GIF-like videos with the headline "Future" followed by a blinking cursor. For when a child plays with LEGO, his or her future is writing itself.

Concepted and designed while enrolled in Creative Strategy Concepts in the creative advertising program in the School of Communications + Journalism at Florida International University.