Rebecca Shumway ©2020

"Gilded Garbage"

Monotype Print Series

Monotype series on plexiglass.

How would we treat trash if we understood its impact? If it were gold, perhaps?

While walking around Florida International University’s Biscayne Bay campus, I noticed several pieces of litter scattered around. I collected the pieces I discovered while walking a straight line to the sea. Next, I ran them through the printing press after "gilding" the pieces, carefully arranging the pieces on a plexiglass plate.

At a later date, I want to explore this concept further: Why litter? What does trash say about us? After all, only people with the luxury of excess throw anything away. What psychology entitles us to leave a mark in nature this way?

View original pieces of garbage in this interactive map.

Concepted and designed while enrolled in Introduction to Printmaking in the creative advertising program in the School of Communications + Journalism at Florida International University.