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"Made for the Apocalypse"

Diesel Jeans Brief + Concept

A concept to revitalize Diesel's early rebel roots.

Write creative strategy brief and ad concept for Diesel.

Copywriting + Art Direction
Rebecca Shumway and Jessica Mendez.

Rebecca Shumway

Strategy Debrief

At the beginning of this assignment, Jessica Mendez and I puzzled, “Who exactly wears Diesel?”

We used Google Trends to pull up a query for the United States. We found those searching for Diesel were also searching for True Religion, Levi’s, Armani, and G-Star brands.

From other deep internet searches, including forums and blogs, we found Diesel is “favored by males into hip-hop street style, but also some of the fashion-forward shopper of both genders.”

Our brief states the current consumer mindset as: “Diesel isn’t top-
of-mind for our American Millennials, who see Diesel as outdated,
off-trend, overly sensational and tacky.”

Which is a nice way of channeling the sentiments from this Urban Dictionary entry.

Concept + Execution

Diesel, since the early 1990s “For Successful Living” campaign, has been audacious, suggestive, and irreverent. We wanted to recapture that energy, targeting fashion-conscious normcore and grunge revival metamodern Millennials. No, we’re not crazy. These are actual terms for subcultures with edgy, urban Millennials.

“For Successful Living” channeled the political energy of the times. With the current state of American political affairs, we wanted to take this campaign into a modern context. The current commander-in-chief has people from both sides of the aisle scratching their heads, asking, “What’s next?”

“Made for the Apocalypse” is a campaign that easily spins out into multiple tactics.

In addition to traditional print publications, we imagined two digital concepts:

Six-second YouTube experience
GIF-style videos of explosions behind models in slow motion will provide a visual break away from many of YouTube’s overly produced ads. Brevity allows the visuals and headline to sink in before the user clicks to skip.

#TheDieselWay smart filter
Feed IBM Watson Diesel’s “Rules 1-49” and #TheDieselWay. Develop an algorithm analyzing a user’s social feed. The end result? A snazzy filter that sums up each one of our diverse, Diesel-minded daredevils.

For more details, including the creative brief, please refer to our presentation.


Concepted and designed while enrolled in Copy and Design Concepts in the creative advertising program in the School of Communications + Journalism at Florida International University.