Front of takeout menu for Cream Parlor

"This is Our Love Story"

Cream Parlor Brief + Concept

Cream Parlor, a local ice cream shop and eatery, needed a menu and postcard advertisement. 

Write creative strategy brief, concept, and design print collateral for Cream Parlor.

Copywriting + Art Direction
Rebecca Shumway and Jessica Mendez.

Rebecca Shumway

Strategy Debrief

"What if we contact Cream Parlor and see if they need any print design work so we can do our class work and have our work used?" I asked

my partner, Jessica Mendez. She dared me.

Two days later, Johnny Tsokos, one of the owners, sat down with me

to collaborate. Turns out, he left the world of advertising to start this restaurant with his wife. What a lucky strike! We agreed to execute

a menu and postcard. The client's main business goal: encourage primarily sporadic visitors to return frequently.

After researching the client's digital presence, we were astonished at the overload of gushing reviews from patrons. Their reviews were hilarious. The outpouring of love was echoed in Johnny's own words, as he mentioned the sacrifices made to start the restaurant.


Thus was born, "This is Our Love Story."

Postcard promoting UberEATS collaboration

Open view of takeout menu for Cream Parlor

Concept + Execution

The front of our menu and postcard have a typographic treatment of clever, colorful fan quotes from online review sites. The takeout menu features an updated version of the menu, while the postcard promotes collaboration with UberEATS.

Client Feedback

"You (and Jessica) have done an amazing job with these deliverables. You have been professional and creative (and with a fast turnaround!) throughout this process.


"Thank you again for your great work. I will let you know when

we start using them - and hopefully by the next time I see you in Cream Parlor, you'll be reading from the new menus!"

Why, thanks Cream Parlor!

For more details, including the creative brief, please refer to our presentation.


Concepted and designed while enrolled in Copy and Design Concepts in the creative advertising program in the School of Communications + Journalism at Florida International University.

Rebecca Shumway ©2020