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"Fresh is the New Fast Food"

AmazonFresh UK Concept 

D&AD New Blood 2017 submission to raise awareness for the AmazonFresh UK selection of fresh and local merchants.

Strategy Debrief

The food retail industry is poised for a revolution in the next few years. Having put myself through college while working at a major US supermarket, I'm on the front lines, conducting surreptitious ethnographic research disguised as a lowly stock clerk.

Shoppers are notoriously skittish when choosing fresh groceries. I've watched shoppers root for the "least fatty bacon" and micromanage the meat cutter into cutting the perfect steak.

What would persuade UK shoppers to make the switch? Digging revealed the top UK food trends for 2017 relevant to AmazonFresh include "Health is the New Wealth," "Small Guys," "Channel Innovation," and "Personalization."

"Fresh is the New Fast Food" positions AmazonFresh as the top-of-mind choice for fast and fresh food, with a light touch of humor.

Channel Innovation + Personalization

But first, let's tackle the food trend "Channel Innovation and Personalization": Search for food and recipes in the main search bar.


View fresh, local results, add to cart, and have delivered the same day. This innovation smooths out the user experience for when this brilliant campaign inevitably drives traffic to the site. (Another droll attempt at British humor.)


First, an interactive campaign features food influencers in a live video series. Food bloggers and chefs give AmazonFresh a test-run on YouTube. Short Instagram and Facebook recaps create more impressions.

Second, interactive billboards installed in areas with high pedestrian traffic allow users to test the enhanced search feature above. It also cross-promotes Amazon Echo with voice search.

Third, traditional print ads placed in gourmet food magazines highlight the different fresh and local components of an AmazonFresh-created meal. The ads can also be repurposed for other traditional print media buys.

Pitch Deck

My mind is teeming with more executions. However, I learned of the D&AD creative brief challenge only a few days before the submission deadline.

It'll have to do for now.


This project was submitted to the D&AD New Blood 2017 award.